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Obamacare extending its benefits to countless N.H. residents

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To The Daily Sun,
Don Ewing's scare tactics about Obamacare are simply that: scare tactics. The facts tell a different story.
Already in N.H., thanks to Obamacare, seniors have saved over $20 million on prescription drugs.
Thanks to Obamacare, 545,000 N.H. residents are no longer subject to lifetime limits on health care expenditures; truly a blessing when a medical catastrophe occurs.
Thanks to Obamacare, hundreds of N.H. residents, who were previously denied health insurance due to a previous health condition, are now eligible for coverage which will keep that condition under control.
Thanks to Obamacare, 365,000 N.H. residents have accessed preventative care, with no co-pays, which leads to earlier detection of illness and healthier outcomes.
Cumberland Farms here in N.H. has converted part-time employees to full-time because, thanks to Obamacare, an enhanced benefit package became affordable which improved "the company's ability to recruit the best talent," according to the Manchester Union Leader.
The administration has delayed some provisions of Obamacare to ensure the business community and insurance providers have a comfort level with the new system that will make its implementation seamless. These delays are not an acknowledgement of defeat.
Defunding Obamacare will take away all these gains in making health care affordable and accessible to the vast majority of N.H. residents and will most certainly send health insurance premiums through the roof.
I do not know where Don Ewing gets his information but it is certainly contradicted by the facts on the ground as Obamacare extends its benefits to countless N.H. citizens.
Kate Miller, Chair

Belknap County Democrats