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Every person has a right to have their vote counted & recorded

To The Daily Sun,

The City of Laconia held a Primary Election on Tuesday September 10 in Ward 5. Only the incumbent, Robert Hamel. was running for the City Council Seat for Ward 5 and had his name printed on the ballot. The Laconia Charter, Section 2:06 THE MUNICIPAL ELECTION states: "The printed municipal ballot shall contain the names of the two candidates for each office who received the highest and second highest number of votes in the primary election and no others."

At the Primary Election Carol and David Gammon wrote in Tom Tardif for Ward 5 City Councilor. After reading the City Charter I went to City Hall on Friday September 13 and requested a copy of the Municipal Primary Election Results asking why Tom Tardif hadn't won a spot on the ballot. The results showed Robert Hamel received 39 votes out of 47 votes cast but the results didn't show any write-in votes. The Laconia City Clerk Mary Reynolds told me that Tom Tardif would have to request a recount but didn't say it would have to be on that day, September 13th. At that point Tom Tardif didn't even know anyone had voted for him.

On September 16, Tom Tardif and myself went to City Hall to talk to Laconia's City Clerk Mary Reynolds about Tom requesting a recount. The City Clerk said that she was advised that all recounts had to be requested by Friday, September 13. Tom filed the request anyway. We also requested a copy of the computed print-out of the election results. Contrary to the "Municipal Primary Election Results" which didn't show any write-in votes for the Ward 5 Councilor seat, the "Election Results Report" showed 3 write-in votes.

On September 16, I received a call from Sylvia Metivier saying that she also wrote-in Tom Tardif for Ward 5 City Councilor, which accounts for the three write-in votes and awards Tom Tardif a spot on the ballot in November, if he wishes to accept.

This could be solved by talking to the Ward 5 clerks who signed the "Election Results Report, Primary Election Laconia, NH 9/10/13 for Ward 5". The signatures of "Nancy Merrill, Alice Ortakalas and Sarah Weeks" were included.

Every person has a right to vote and have their vote counted according to the USA and New Hampshire Constitutions.

David Gammon


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