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To provide health insurance for another 5% we plan to do harm to 85%

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To The Daily Sun,
Do you want to keep your doctor? Do you want to keep your health insurance (the insurance that you understand, that meets your needs, and that you can afford)? When President Obama wanted your support for Obamacare, he promised these things.
Are you unhappy that your health insurance premiums are skyrocketing (on average more than $2,000), although President Obama promised your premiums would go down by $2,500?
Millions of Americans are suffering because so many Obamacare promises are false. But now, if you object to President Obama's broken promises, you are called an "extremist".
Obamacare is destroying jobs, suppressing job creation, and turning millions of full-time, into part-time jobs. Many employers who are struggling with increased, rather than lower, health insurance premiums are cutting workers, cutting spousal insurance coverage, or passing on increased costs to employees.
Facing new Obamacare regulations, restrictions, and taxes, many hospitals, clinics, and companies working on new medical devices and techniques are cutting jobs and services ... which means poorer future healthcare for patients.
Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean and others now admit that Obamacare inserts, between doctors and patients, a government bureaucrat who determines if life-saving (e.g., cancer drugs) or life-enhancing (e.g., hip replacements) treatments can be provided.
Obamacare taxes raise the cost of health care, especially for people with high medical expenses.
To provide insurance for 5 percent more Americans, Obamacare is harming the insurance and health care for the 85 percent of Americans who already had health insurance.
One of its authors, Senator Baucus, called Obamacare a "train-wreck". Our country was far better off without Obamacare.
Are you afraid to be called an "extremist" for wanting to help avoid this train-wreck which harms so many Americans? If not, sign the petition at dontfundit.com and call or e-mail Senators Ayotte (202-224-3324) and Shaheen (202-224-2841), and Congresswomen Shea-Porter (202-225-5456) and Koster (202-225-5206) and tell them to vote to defund and repeal Obamacare.
Don Ewing