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Shouldn't the box be opened to examine the segregated ballots?

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To The Daily Sun,

This is not to cause any grief for our valued poll workers, but there is a problem in my opinion. My vote is very valuable to me and the same for Betty. My understanding is there were no write-ins for Ward 5 councilor in the primary. I will be honest, as the day progressed we decided that we knew the outcome in Ward 5 so we continued on with our day. The people including us, deserve to know that every ballot is counted. When there is something foreign to the completed ballot — such as a "write-in" — the ballot will be kicked out to the side. Those ballots still need to be counted as to why the kick out! Obviously this did not happen, and if I had voted and wrote in a name to give the voters of Ward 5 a choice for city councilor in November election I would DEMAND my write-in be part of the count.

If the city clerk knows of this shouldn't "the box" be opened with a room full of witnesses — not for a recount — but to examine the ballots that were segregated? Or will this primary go down as a black mark for Laconia elections?
Niel Young