Many Walmart employees are eligible for Medicaid & food stamps

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To The Daily Sun,

Nick Vazzana's letter regarding low wages was spot on. It is just amazing what has happened to American workers since the 1980s. I remember making $9 an hour running a lathe 30 years ago and I still see jobs starting around that or a hair more. Nick mentioned McDonald's but the chief offender is Walmart.

Walmart makes government all the fatter. Casino capitalists don't know or don't want you to know that every Walmart in America costs the people about a million government dollars from social programs that these same casino capitalists want to destroy. Because of the low wages Walmart pays, the majority are eligible for Medicaid, food stamps, WIC, rent help and more. Because Walmart refuses to pay a decent wage, YOU pay it for them. That is capitalism? Throwing the worker onto the dole machine? Helping people in need shouldn't be due to greedy parsimonious corporations.

James Veverka