Congratulations to Alton for rejecting Common Core Standards

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To The Daily Sun,

According to this article in your newspaper, the Alton School Board has rejected the Common Core Standards. We congratulate them for absolutely doing the right thing. Here's why.

This is the kind of thing that is being pushed via "Common Core":

It's all about U.N. goals, global government, reinterpreting (and therefore subverting) the Constitution, praising Muslim "heroes", and spreading social justice, encouraging presenters from groups such as the FEDERAL RESERVE.

Yes, you read that right, the much-maligned private bank known as the FED is now giving teachers the tools to poison your children's minds with this communist nonsense. We've seen other lessons where the CFR also came in to teach foreign policy via the IB program, but nothing as blatant as this.

You will need to take a chill pill before you read the scathing article that is linked within the article from the website of the Parents of Merrimack Valley, who are now suffering under "IB" indoctrination.

It's all about using your children to create socialist "activists" — turning them into political mules for the global government, as it were. It is SHAMEFUL that anyone would allow this to go on in our public schools. And you thought you could trust your administrators and teachers?

The article highlights a mere few of the course descriptions as examples of what tripe is being forced on our children all over the country, as we said, even without the "IB" (U.N.) program.

When you read the rest, your blood should boil.

It's time to vote out every single school board member that allows this stuff in our schools.

Your silence means complicity.

Thank you Alton.

Jane Aitken