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Is plan to have Obamacare collapse into single-payer system

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To The Daily Sun,
I seldom find reason to disagree with letters from Tony Boutin, yet I was prompted to write regarding his reflections on Obamacare. I may have misjudged the president. Perhaps he is too clever by half. Perhaps Obamacare is working precisely as he intended. It was forced through Congress by measures that I consider bribery. It is being implemented despite a large majority of the populace and many of its original supporting institutions crying for caution.
Obamacare will be installed, sort of, just enough to demonstrate its total failure. Once the medical profession has been disrupted beyond repair, government will be the only one who can save the day. The obvious answer? A single-payer system run by the government, just like the Education Department, the Energy Department, et al. I believe that this was the president's underlying intent. Once this happens he can save Social Security and Medicare. Just put actuaries in charge of dispensing health care, so that medical decisions may be subjected to cost benefit analysis. I fully expect that the elderly and the seriously incapacitated will seldom be found worth perpetuating. Let nature take its natural course — death. That will reduce the cost of health care and ease the financial pressure on Social Security and Medicare.
I remember a televised debate some years ago regarding Canada's single payer system. A proponent of the system cited a poll that showed 85 percent of the population was highly satisfied with the system. The opponent responded, "The other 15 percent are sick."
This president may be touted by the mainstream media as the most transformative president in U.S. history. I fear!
Dale P. Eddy

(The other Dale Eddy)