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Chriopractic warriors optimistic about future of alternative health care

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To The Daily Sun,

This month many thousands of happy and healthy patients are celebrating the 118th birthday of chiropractic. We celebrate the millions of individuals who have chosen a drugless, low risk choice in order to improve their nerve function and optimize their health.

This letter is not meant to minimize all the good that traditional medical care does. I had knee replacement surgery in January and have been pleased with the results. This letter desires to celebrate the fact that there is a healthy option available for those who choose to seek help for the root cause of their illness rather than symptom management. Or as Anneliese Lemay aptly put it in her recent letter, "most medical doctors would've prescribed an unnecessary pill to put a band-aid over the underlying cause".

Now comes the "party crasher" in the form of our favorite allopathic allosaurus, who appears to have morphed into a "crank curmudgeon". Perhaps Mirno Pasquali recently emerged from the depths of Paugus Bay and has a little water on the brain. Cranial Waterloggus I believe is the medical term. Anyway, that is the best explanation I have for his patronizing and ill mannered attack on the two fine practitioners of Crossroads Chiropractic. I was their grateful patient for years and I am now a very satisfied and healthy patient of Awakening Chiropractic.

No lower back spasms for over four years. A return of some of the lost neck curvature resulting from decades of physical stress and a lack of chiropractic adjustments. A return to optimal nerve function and increased flexibility. These are just some of the positive results of chiropractic care for me. Decades of pain medications, soft neck stabilizers and lost work productivity and bed rest did not improve my back and neck issues. I was slowly becoming more stiff and immobile while my gastrointestinal tract was becoming compromised by the band-aid drugs I had been given. This all affected my emotional state so I was prescribed anti-depressants and anxiety medications which I maintained for three years. They helped a little, but I had little energy and brain fog. It has now been four years since I consumed that toxic mixture of drugs which mostly masked my illness and resulted in a declining quality of life. I have remained drug free and vigorous since 2009.

Awakening Chiropractic and Crossroads Chiropractic are both competent and caring wellness centers. They offer a variety of health inspiring workshops, ably assisted by some of the most cheerful, upbeat, well adjusted staff this side of Disneyland. If Mr. Pasquali did not have such a calcified, closed mind on this subject, I would encourage him to just hang out at either of these venues. For me, they represent an atmosphere of natural euphoria, filled with humor, education and of course those health promoting adjustments.

Happily, I have the health and proper frame of mind to withstand the nattering nabobs of negativity that literally jump off the pages of Mr. Pasquali's latest "party crashing letter of condescension". I feel very sorry for PA Pasquali, paragon of petulance, arrogance and all things cynical.

We chiropractic warriors are optimistic about the future of alternative/natural/complementary/integrative health care. Primary care practitioners have begun informing their patients about the benefits of Vitamin D supplementation, especially during the winter months. They have begun to inform their patients about taking probiotics when consuming antibiotics. The importance of having a proper balance of DHA/EPA fish oils has begun to enter their sphere of knowledge. They now often recommend a whole food multivitamin for their patients. I am confident that soon they will inform their patients that Coenzyme Q10 is a must for anyone taking statin drugs, since they drastically deplete the bodily stores of this heart healthy/heart saving oily, vitamin like substance.

So from this writer comes a heartfelt, from the Lakes Region treetops, shout out of congratulations to all the wonderful chiropractors and the marvelous life force maximizing benefits they provide to all their patients. And for the ahem, esteemed lakes region physician's assistant, God bless your pea picking little heart. I'm sure you mean well. Must be some subluxational interference that is causing your cognitive dissonance.

Russ Wiles