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If you can't say anything good, do not say anything at all

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To The Daily Sun,

What a shame to see the comments from Mr. Huot in Tuesday's Sun stating "Although some of us did not think it wise that a person with his views should serve in public office", as well as Mr.Huot's statement "I can't remember anything on which Bob Kingsbury and I ever agreed on".

Mr. Huot is entitled to his opinion of course, but being added like it was to a tribute to a true PATRIOT is way out of line and disrespectful.

I am sure Bob's family is disappointed in those remarks and Mr. Huot should be ashamed. An apology is definitely in order.

Bob was all that Mr. Huot described in the rest of the tribute and without those two sentences would have kept the tribute well done. He should have taken a page from Mr. Kitch"s article also in Tuesday's Sun, being more positive. I would think in a tribute to some one it would be in better taste to keep in mind that if you can't say something good do not say anything at all.

May Bob Rest in Peace he was a TRUE PATRIOT. He will be missed.

Hal Graham