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Bob Kingsbury can stand with George Washington & Thomas Jefferson

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To The Daily Sun,
In the American Dictionary of the English language published by Noah Webster in 1828 we find the following definitions:

Patriotism, n. Love of one's country; the passion which aims to serve one's country, either in defending it from invasion, or protecting its rights and maintaining its laws and institutions in vigor and purity.

Patriotism is the characteristics of a good citizen, the noblest passion that animates a man in character of a citizen.

Statesman, A man versed in the arts of government; usually, one eminent for political abilities.

Our Founding Fathers spoke often of the difference between a politician and a statesman. A statesman was understood as a citizen who worked for his livelihood and handled the affairs of the people once a year in a legislative body. They feared career politicians who thrived off the backs of the people. Patriotism often spoken by our Founders meant adherence to the founding principles. Very little of this is done today, even by the flag waving culture.

Who do we know today that fits this identification? I met Robert P. Kingsbury (May 5, 1926 - Sept. 7, 2013) about 15 years ago and felt we would be friends forever. After knowing him for a while I felt we were kindred spirits. His dedication as a young soldier under the command of General Patton fighting Nazism instilled in him an understanding of a totalitarian government. He spent the rest of his life fighting against the same evil that permeated throughout Nazi Germany and communist Russia. And he saw the signs here in his beloved country. I am amazed at those who grew up in Nazi Germany, Hungary and Russia are seeing the same force being organized. He did not treat the subversion of our Constitution lightly and labored his entire life to teach others. With the understanding there would be opposition he stepped up and marched forward. He never gave up. He ran for State Representative 12 times before getting elected. Sharing the truth is never easy and often the enemy to facts can be downright mean.

Bob could honestly state that he did his very best and more to preserve that which our founding generation gave us. While others are trading our legacy and heritage for a little porridge and empty promises he did not waver but warned others. Even amidst attacks on his character. He can stand with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and those who gave us our grand charter. The souls who dedicate their lives to preserve its principles are of the same character as they who gave it. Rest in peace my Good Friend First Scout for General Patton, Lt. Colonel Robert Kingsbury. Soldier, statesman, patriot, historian and scholar. And above all he considered himself a follower of the teachings of Christ.

Gene F. Danforth