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Social Security will continue to provide benefits well into future

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To The Daily Sun,
"There he goes again"' to quote Ronnie Reagan, this time talking about Tony Boutin, and his continued assault on Social Security. No new idea's, just the same old rhetoric , "its broke , we are going bankrupt," not any new idea's on how to "fix it".
Here is a history lesson for "Tony". Social Security was signed into law by Franklin Roosevelt in 1934, became effective in 1935 , and started paying benefits in 1940.
Ida Mae Fuller receives the first monthly benefit from Social Security. Her check is for $22.40 It has been paying out to retirees ever since, to millions of Americans , who have and continue to receive them today.
Speaking of Ronnie, who is the "Guru" of the conservatives, he along with Tip O'Neill worked together and fixed Social Security, a compromise, which included  yes Tony, a tax increase. That was in 1982, 31 years ago. Today, it needs "fixing" again. It does not need stupid suggestions, like handing the money over to the Wall Street. gangsters They were responsible for the worst economic decline since the Great Depression. Bushy 2, of "heck of a job Brownie" fame, suggested privatizing and it was rejected, even by some members of his own party.
Social Security will continue to provide benefits now and well into the future.
As the Republican Party continues on the road to its demise, and more responsible people are elected to Congress, then real reform in the BENEFITS plans will take place .
So, Tony, , as my mother use to say, "get over yourself " and join the 21st Century.

Bill Knightly