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Volunteers are human and they sometimes make mistakes

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To The Daily Sun,

As a former member and chairperson of a planning board and later a zoning board of adjustment in another town I followed the recent events surrounding the so called Bear's Nest application before the Moultonborough Planning Board with interest. With the hearings to remove two planning board members over I felt everyone involved would step back, take deep breaths and learn something from the multiple mistakes of the planning board and the board of selectmen.

It appears that is not going to happen. One of the selectmen has chosen to continue a vendetta against two planning board members via this publication. It would appear now that a vendetta, for whatever reason, was this selectman's objective from the start of the removal process. The selectman in his letter that appeared in the September 13 issue of The Sun gave multiple, valid reasons to suggest errors in the planning board's decision on the Bear's Nest application. However, he chose to do nothing to correct the decision through the clear path available to him under New Hampshire law. One would think that as a selectman he would have a duty to invoke a process to correct what he considered to be a serious error. Instead he participated in the selectboard's attempt to remove two planning board volunteers, accomplishing nothing positive and ignoring his and the selectboard's responsibility to require a further review of the planning board decision. Now that the removal effort has fizzled he continues to disparage the two planning board members. What a way to encourage involvement of citizens in volunteer boards in his town!

My experience has been that members of the various volunteer boards throughout the state are typically good, dedicated individuals who care about the values of the boards, committees and commissions that they serve and they spend many hours of their time devoted to the efforts of those groups. Yes these volunteers are human and they sometimes make mistakes. Even selectmen sometimes err. One error, however is not an excuse for this vendetta.

Jim Miller
Center Harbor