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Mr. Kingsbury's service to his country was exemplary. The end

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To The Daily Sun,

Oh, the holier-than-thou letters sent in to say how wonderful Bob Kingsbury was! Really, they made me laugh. Try to remember that he ran for office 16 times and was elected once — when everyone was mad at the Democrats! And the letter from Josh Youssef — determined to have violated the Provisions for Purity of Elections by the Attorney General — oh yes, Josh was just appalled! So many appalled self- righteous people.

I will never forget sitting next to Bob Kingsbury at a legislative breakfast. He told me that he knew how to solve the problem of battered/abused women in Laconia. He wanted every woman who filed an order of protection to be given a gun by the state of N.H. He really believed that was a good thing.

Mr. Kingsbury was also the man who told the Belknap County Convention that research he'd been conducting for the last 16 years had led him to believe that kindergarten programs lead to higher crime rates. He sponsored a failed effort to tie future state legislation to the Magna Carta. He tried to push a bill partially ending the direct election of U.S. senators.

So yes, Mr Kingsbury always comported himself as a gentleman and his service to our country was exemplary. The end.

Cathy Merwin