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Duty, Honor, Country: WWII taught Bob K. the high cost of liberty

To The Daily Sun,
Some wondered if anyone with Bob Kingsbury's ideas should serve in public office. It is true that some of Bob's ideas seem anachronistic, and many are rare in our times. But the abandonment of these ideas, the ideas which enabled America's greatness and unimagined prosperity for most Americans, has led to many of today's problems.
Many liberal/progressive politicians think they know how others should live, how they should think, and what they should be allowed to say. To gain power they deceive the public because they often intend to govern against the people's wishes and best interests (e.g., Obamacare). And all too often politicians use their positions for their own personal gain.
Bob believed in honesty, in fulfilling his promises, in the rule of law equally applied, and in constitutionally limited government. Bob believed that the purpose of American government is to empower the people, not to empower government, and certainly not to empower and enrich politicians.
Unfortunately the proven ideas that Bob advocated have been increasingly abandoned since WWII as progressive promises of government benevolence have lured many voters. The result of progressive policies is loss of jobs, opportunities, wealth and freedom; increased crime, enormous government waste, a poor, but costly, education system, an increasing number of Americans unnecessarily trapped in poverty, and the immoral passing of our huge national debt to future generations who will suffer because of our gullibility and selfishness.
Liberal and progressive politicians and their friends have gained power, and often wealth, by promoting the idea that everyone deserves to live well as a result of other people's hard work. But everywhere their enticing ideas have been tried, they reduce the jobs, opportunities, wealth, and freedom for most people... just as they are doing here.
Combat taught Bob Kingsbury the high cost of liberty. Bob lived the military motto, "Duty, Honor, Country." Bob advocated for the time-tested principles that result in better lives for Americans: Constitutionally limited government, rule of law, private property rights, capitalism, and morality. Our country, our prosperity, and freedom here and abroad depend on more people and more politicians fighting for and re-implementing these principles.
Bob Kingbury faithfully served his country in war and in peace. He is a great example for the rest of us. He will be missed.
Don Ewing

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