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Rep. Huot's remark is a confirmation of the trouble we are all in

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To The Daily Sun,
It is quite telling when a former judge and sitting state representative can write about someone who has just passed away as though it doesn't matter what he says about him. I am referring to the recent letter Mr. Huot wrote, which had tasteless comments about the Honorable Representative Kingsbury. It is confirmation of the trouble we are all in. Mr. Huot of ALL people should know that Representative Kingsbury was ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE. It is clear that Mr. Huot's vanity supersedes his intelligence, because by Mr. Huots standards, when he lacks the ability to agree with Representative Kingsbury, he thinks Representative Kingsbury shouldn't have served the people who elected him! Mr. Huot has shown his true, dirty, liberal colors. Mr. Huot lacks respect for our God-given rights to ELECT WHOM WE CHOSE and the long honored right for Representative Kingsbury's TO SERVE AS AN ELECTED OFFICIAL.
I for one will always remember the time Representative Kingsbury took to talk to his constituents and listen when they spoke. He is going to be sorely missed by those who love this state and country. Representative Kingsbury had more class in his baby finger than Mr. Huot will ever have, because with Mr. Huot's over inflated ego, there is simply no room for class.

Barbara Howard