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Bob Kingsbury was true warrior for high standards & principals

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To The Daily Sun,
After reading Rep. Huot's lip service to the Honorable Bob Kingsbury, I feel moved to respond.
Mr. Huot, don't look now but your progressive bent is showing. Many, many of us do not think it wise that a person with your views should serve in public office. I would think that Bob would find it a compliment that you never agreed with him. He was a man's man, who knew what was important and that is truth, freedom and the American way, led by the Constitution of the United States and the New Hampshire State Constitution. No wonder you "can't remember anything on which Bob Kingsbury and I ever agreed". Representative Robert Kingsbury was obviously everything that you are not. You must not believe in the Constitution. You must not believe in individual rights. You must not believe in personal property rights and freedom. You, sir, must be of the "collective" mentality. He was duly elected by his constituents whom he served well and to the best of his ability. Are you saying that the majority of citizens who voted for him and put him into office were wrong? Apparently so. Voters please take notice, all of you were wrong in voting for Representative Kingsbury according to Mr. Huot. Oh, and by the way, I am proud to say that I shared many of Representative Kingsbury's "views" and was co-sponsor on at least one of his bills and supported others.
Bob Kingsbury was one of the most honorable men I have ever met and I will miss him. His heart was true and brave and he was truly a warrior for high standards and principles. He loved his country, his cause and his people with passion. Just a very great man. My sympathies are with his family and many friends.
You were a true hero Bob and I will always remember you.
The Honorable Susan C. DeLemus