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Wind farm developers have left long trail of broken promises

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To The Daily Sun,

Once again I feel compelled to write on the subject of Wind Farms around Newfound Lake.

First, I would like commend and thank "NH Wind Watch" for standing their ground on these wind developers.

Developers are playing legal games with the state of New Hampshire. Clearly developers intentions are to undermine the N.H. Constitution until they get what they want. So, I ask myself, how many times have developers met privately with some of our N.H. politicians for help? Developers after all have paid lawyers, lobbyists and have experts that are allowed to dictate to the state of New Hampshire. All the while the meetings that we are allowed to attend we must sit quietly and watch as most of our politicians do exactly what they want — public sentiment is damned.

Keep in mind that project developer Ed Cherian, was quoted as saying that "we would not build here if the community did not want us to." That statement alone has echoed through this community since those words left his lips. This alone has created a dysfunctional relationship with our community. Once again I say to Mr. Ed Cherian, thanks so much for your concern for the citizens of Grafton County — because his is your biggest lie to date. If the industrial wind turbines will not affect property values — why not provide us with a guarantee? If the industrial wind turbines will not affect our watershed — why not provide us with a guarantee? If developers say they will provide the community with more local jobs — why not provide us with a guarantee?

Some people who may not be following this story closely may not know that developers are full of broken promises and we've been witnessing them first hand with the Groton Wind Farm. Ask yourself why developers have the right to due process and why homeowners can't object based on basic rights.
Isn't it ironic that the every wind developer who wants to do business in our community is also willing to sue us too? If this is how they treat Grafton County residents now, how do you think they will treat us once they get their foot in the door? Make no mistake, it is a large company that could care less about this community and its citizens, it's all about the money. Nothing else...

Developers have played this game a thousand times before and developers know from experience that people in small towns will not stand and fight for their home value, health or safety.

Prove them wrong — you have the N.H. Constitution behind you.

Ray Cunningham