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Rep. Huot's words about Bob Kingsbury were callous & cold

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To The Daily Sun,

I was slightly taken aback when I read Rep. David Huot's letter to the editor, dated September 9. The comment that he thought someone with Bob's political views should not represent the people really soured my stomach.

That thinly veiled, back-handed compliment, made about a genuine hero of the Second World War, was completely uncalled for. Even in death, Rep Huot cannot seem to leave someone that he may disagree with in peace. Funny thing, Bob was such an honest and good man, he would never have done that to Rep Huot. Out of respect, he would have chosen his words more carefully. That is the kind of man Bob Kingsbury was.

I think Rep Huot's words were callous and cold. He displayed neither the grace nor the dignity that should be required of every public servant, both high and low. Shame on him!

Don Walker