Anneliese Lemay (9-12) 275

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To The Daily Sun,

In response to Mirno Pasqualis letter regarding Dr. Moneysmith and Dr. Mills:
I need to begin by expressing my full gratitude to Dr. Graham Moneysmith. I have been a patient of his for almost a year and can tell you from my own personal experience that the work he does is legitimate. After suffering for years from debilitating lower back spasms, chronic headaches and fatigue, I can say without hesitation that Dr. Graham has cured my ailments 100 percent. And to touch on the hearing element you mentioned, Mirno, after ONE WEEK of chiropractic care with Dr. Graham, my hearing noticeably improved. It was an unexpected, wonderful bonus to the care. That's the funny thing about the body, you see (and I have taken several anatomy classes myself) ITS ALL CONNECTED. The claim is NOT that subluxations cause disease. Rather, being properly aligned simply allows the body to operate at peak performance, thus providing its best chance at fighting disease.
Kevin Sorbo, by the way, was suffering from blood clots for years in secret before his stroke. My own mother has seen the same chiropractor for 30 years — stroke free. Anyone seeking a natural remedy for their ailments should not be labeled ignorant. I am forever in Dr. Grahams' debt for the work he does; work that most medical doctors would've prescribed an unnecessary pill for to put a band-aid over the underlying cause (I'm not sure if you've noticed how much money goes into the pharmaceutical business).
So just like I tell my five-year-old: before you knock something, try it. That way you don't end up sounding ignorant yourself.
Anneliese Lemay