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Call me crazy or say I'm too political but I' don't support this war

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To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to the president, Congress and American people:
I need to get this off my chest friends. Please bear with me. I didn't write this with great precision. I just want to make a few cursory observations and I hope you will seriously consider my thoughts on the subject. Apparently about 90 percent of the American people agree with me on the decision about war with Syria. Here is my "why".

Let me get this straight. We have a president who mocked his opponent (Romney), in the last presidential election for not caring about 45 percent of our citizens and, who the president alleged, only loves the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans. Then the president attempts to send us to war/get us involved in Syria's civil war, which about only between 9 and 14 percent of our citizens approve of and says he will do so without approval from Congress (which the pesky Constitution mandates). Then wen the pressure of overwhelming public opinion is inescapably present and unrelenting, the president says he will support a congressional vote but will do what he wants regardless of the congressional vote outcome. And then we learn this week that CNN (with Anderson Cooper), was caught faking riots in Syria with makeup and actors for the purpose of helping the Obama administration build a case for military force against Syria. We also receive stern warnings from Russia's Vladimir Putin that the U.S. had better not get involved or there will be consequences, leading many experts and regulars like me to wonder, could this start a war with Russia or worse, a world war? The president and large contingent of our representatives in Congress still insist we should go to Syria to stop the dictator, Mr. Assad who "allegedly" used chemical weapons on his own Syrian people. Then we learn of video of al Qaeda sneaking chemical weapons into Syria, and even some reports that the U.S. covertly helped stage the chemical attack to frame Assad (who may, nonetheless be an evil tyrant) with the intent to sway U.S. public opinion in support of more war.

This, all from the president who knew little about what happened in Benghazi where four Americans died, including an ambassador, and three brave men (two of which were former Navy Seals), who heroically tried to save the American Ambassador Stevens despite orders to stand down and leave Ambassador Stevens for dead. When pressed, the president said he gets much of his information and intelligence on that matter like we do, from the TV news (e.g. CNN and Anderson Cooper?). Then all these months later, our president seems to know everything in great detail about non-American deaths and suffering and is outraged sufficiently to risk starting war with Russia and potentially a world war on principle. After being pressed about Benghazi and the dead Americans, the president's former Secretary of State Clinton said impetuously, "What does it matter!?" I won't talk about the allegations of our government running guns to terrorists in the "Fast and Furious" operation and unanswered questions that linger about potential coverup that makes Watergate scandal look like a game of Tiddly Winks between member of the Vienna Boys Choir.

But now we are to believe Syria matters. More than our embassy and four dead, tortured, mutilated and burned Americans? More? I am supposed to be quiet? I am too political? What!? Do you really see any solid evidence as to the veracity of this president's word, the evidence that there is a real and clear threat to the U.S. in Syria? Please understand, I really AM a compassionate person. But what I see is NOT a good strategy (if there is one at all to really "win"). Certainly there doesn't appear to be better a strategy than we had when we engaged Iraq on the false pretenses of Saddam Hussein having Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's). Remember "Bush lied! Kids died!"?

DESPITE a potentially even weaker justification for war than the Saddam WMD's; DESPITE the growing concern about the origin, source and use of chemical weapons in Syria; DESPITE the backdrop of apparent collusion between the press (e.g. CNN and Anderson Cooper), and the White House; DESPITE no clear U.S. interest aside from humanity and finally, DESPITE the real threat of "another Iraq" or worse yet, world war would any rational person say, "Jeepers guys, let's go for it. Let's try this again. Shucks, maybe it will work this time." Aside from our own fallen, how many non-terrorist Iraqi's are dead as well?

Call me crazy or say I am too political if you want. I don't support this war which has more the appearance of a machination to make some people richer. The industrial military complex — those big corporations that make and market war and weapons of war (the 2 percent Obama said in election season he disdains), will continue to be the people in America who really benefit most. Oh!, and our representatives in Congress and the Executive Branch (White House). In the meantime, my friends, our troops who serve at the president's and Congress's pleasure in the military, and our kids who will join, will pay with their blood and limbs and even their minds. Their families will be missing sons and daughters, mothers and fathers to make rich men more rich. So much for Romney's 45 percent and your despised, wealthy "2 percent" Mr. President! (These 2 percent who you are making even richer with our blood). You have the gall to say, this is a just war? Your hypocrisy is breathtaking. The audacity! Now America, tell me you support this war if you will. I will vigorously oppose it! Our blood will not be on my hands nor will the blood money be in my pocket. Have your "political party" on someone else's dime. I need to be able to make my small business profitable for my family security, and I want to be able to create jobs for other families like mine. But if not, I need to find a job myself.

Oh, one last thought. About a third of Congress was undecided about whether to vote in favor or against war with Syria and Assad. May I suggest you contact your representative and let them know how you feel. They do work for you! Let them know their job is at stake. Here is the link to their website. Just plug your zip code into the box in the top right corner to email or contact your congressperson. http://www.house.gov/

PLEASE LIKE if you agree and SHARE if you care. We are at the precipice.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to consider my thoughts,

James Poll

Sergeant First Class (Retired)