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Lots of people contributed to a great Gilford Old Home Day

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To The Daily Sun,

What a beautiful day! Old Home Day has always been special for us, though for the last four years we were not able to attend because of "Cravings". Our crew really came through for us this year allowing us to be in the parade with Connie and Rick Moses and their horses "Gilford" and "Glendale". What a wonderful treat, thank you!

In the afternoon I was able to run the show at the Woodsman Competition. Last year I came up with the concept, worked with Belknap Landscaping company, set it all up and could not do the show. Folks enjoyed it enough that they requested it to be a yearly thing. The people that I talked to this year said "the event made a great addition to Old Home Day". We are already working on next year to make it bigger and better. I would like to thank the businesses that helped this year and we will be looking for sponsors for next year also. No matter when I walk into the following businesses, the owners are always ready to help out. It's important that we let them know we all appreciate them. The following gave gift certificates for prizes for the competitors: Ellacoya Barn & Grill, Lyon's Den, Patrick's Pub, Sawyer's Dairy Bar, Junior's Crush House, Fireside Inn and Kitchen Cravings.

I have to thank Andy Howe and crew from Beans & Greens for delivering the hay bales we borrowed for the Birling Pond. Also, Fay's Boatyard for the shrink wrap, Gilford Fire and Rescue for all the water (only one fill this year). For two years they have done this and the 20-feet around pond is a great success which was enjoyed by all ages this year. Thanks to Gator Signs for the letters and numbers to change the signs they made last year. Gilford True Value and Stihl Saws returned with the Champion of the Day prizes, a new Stihl chain saw, chaps and helmet. They also supplied the matched saws for the saw cut, yours truly taking a 3rd place. Thanks to Polly Rouhan and the great kids from Gilford High School Environmental Club for helping keep score, pulling fence and other tasks. Several of the boys competed and won some prizes. We wanted this to be a "local" event and this year a lot of locals entered in.
Thanks again to A.J., Woodsman Team Coach from UNH, giving his time and equipment is invaluable. We all really enjoyed the motors on display by Ian Davis & Sons of Meredith and others from the Maine Antique Power Association. Jim Colby, Neal Flaherty, Fay's Boat Yard brought great old cars, boats and motors. Thanks to Geoff Ruggles again for being records keeper. Dee Chitty, Jim and Sheldon (GPW) for help with fence (up and down), to the Tree Care Industry Association and Gilford Rotary for their support. Thanks to Gilford P.D. for chasing our climbing pole through town. Dale Squires, I can't say enough about him and Hayden (owner of Belknap Landscaping company) for allowing Dale to promote this event. He worked all year to keep this event alive and to make if a better event. Belknap again milled all the wood to specks, delivered it all, put up the climbing pole, helped with everything and were wonderful competitors. Thank you all so much. Hopefully I did not miss anyone. With all the excitement this year, next year looks to be an even better event with food, porta-potties and many more interesting things to see or do.

Bill Bickford
Kitchen Cravings
In partnership with Belknap Landscaping