Rep. David Huot's 'tribute' quickly descended into partisan hell

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To The Daily Sun,

How does a public servant who has been an attorney, judge, and Representative of the N.H. House, come up with a "tribute" editorial for a fellow representative which offers such profound prejudice? Serving with Rep. Huot, I can only hope he "misspoke" in his recent Letter to the Editor dated Tues., Sept. 10, "Bob Kingsbury Served His Country Well". I tend to think, however, he did not.

While the sentiment in Rep. Huot's letter started out gracefully, it quickly descended into partisan hell . "Although some of us did not think it wise that a person with his views should serve in public office..." is an immensely derogatory statement, not only on Rep. Kingsbury's service (Rep. Kingsbury was a PATRIOT — or was that the problem?), but on our Constitutional Republic and how it is set up to function.

I have two questions for Rep. Huot. 1. Who are the "some of us"? Can you educate me as to who those "enlightened" folks may be who believe Rep. Kingsbury was somehow NOT WORTHY to serve? 2. Isn't public office open to ALL citizens — not just the ones some people happen to agree with?

I believe Rep. Huot gave us all a little bit of insight into the world in which he lives. His comment clearly demonstrates a level of condescension which is rarely witnessed in print. Just because Rep. Huot's letter was wrapped in sweet words on the outside, this doesn't remove the mentality of superiority within. I hope voters remember this "comment" when the next election rolls around. Of course, that is assuming Rep. Huot runs again.

Rest in peace Rep. Kingsbury. There are many who truly appreciated your efforts. You were a very kind man and a true American in every sense of the word.

Rep. Jane Cormier
Belknap District 8