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We have biggest guns, so we determine what is right or wrong

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To The Daily Sun,

We are asked to approve the use of lethal force against Syria as a punishment for the death of civilians by deadly gas.

First of all, our own hands are hardly innocent in the use of gas in warfare hearkening back to the Vietnam war. And, are we also one of the countries that sold gas to Iraqi during their war with Iran? In this country we manufactured a device to release poisonous gas from its container. Donald Rumsfeld delivered this devise to Iraqi leaders, and showed them how to use it! This is a fact!
Warmongers in Washington are quick and eager to recommend war on middle-eastern countries. Is this an reenactment of the tragic war with Iraq where a half-million Iraqis died. It certainly has all the same motives and emotional reactions that proceed the use of bombing attacks in the past!
Has anyone, anyone, anywhere considered the legal aspects of this action. Our own Constitution forbids us from declaring war on another nation. If we bomb Syria it is, in fact, illegal. It is outside of our own legal system and International Law. Death by illegal means — as defined by the dictionary is murder. The United States has repeatedly in the past, defied international law and committed crimes with impunity and disregard for international opinion. We have the biggest guns: therefore we determine what is right or wrong.
As a nation with deep and traditional religious beliefs, offering our full support to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis created by this prolonged war — affecting a million refugees, should be are sole endeavor at this critical time. This is what we are called to do! Violence begets violence! Work for peace, before it is too late!

Leon R. Albushies