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Moderate thinkers 'compromise' instead of solving problems

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To The Daily Sun,

It is confounding to read and hear people who do not want to recognize and admit that government is excessively big. A recent column in The Laconia Daily Sun (August 26, 2013, Froma Harrop) attempts to justify electing the so-called moderate Republican thinkers who contributed to big government referred to as the longtime "older more marketable Republicans". A July 19, 2013 article discloses a Belknap County Commissioner calling the more conservative elected N.H. House of Representatives as "bad people looking to do bad things".
As the prominent economist Milton Friedman wrote in an essay "Why Government is the Problem"; "The major social problems of the United States — deteriorating education, lawlessness and crime, homelessness, the collapse of family values, the crisis in medical care — have been produced by well-intended actions of government." Throughout history, overgrown governments have failed while governments that take less from people in the form of taxes and allow free economic markets have prospered.
The many years of growing big government, overspending and redistribution of wealth has led to cities filing bankruptcy, a lack of full time employment, a reduction in private property rights, a larger spread between rich and poor, lack of privacy, etc. People of all income levels pay increasing direct taxes, indirect taxes and/or hidden taxes included in the price of products and services.
Reports indicate there are about 4.5 million people working for the federal government, surely a huge bureaucracy with hundreds of departments and agencies. Thousands of new rules are published in the Federal Register each year. The USDebtclock.org shows federal spending over 3.5 trillion dollars and the U.S. National Debt growing to nearly 17 trillion dollars. The debt increased about 6 trillion dollars just in the past five years alone. The State of N.H. spends more than 6 billion dollars per year.
Why are so many people continuing to be in a state of denial? Are politicians that convincing?
The government's use of "free" money grants, "outreach" programs and other manipulative techniques successfully persist to influence people toward acceptance of federal central government agency "programs" and ideas from Obamacare to workforce housing. For years, state, county and local governments added more employees and increased spending while establishing many superfluous programs, laws and ordinances.
Why do so many people believe that this oversized government is to their benefit? Do they really believe they are getting trillions of dollars worth of value from government or are they just afraid to confront this longtime trend? Perhaps they fear politicians will reduce proper government spending instead of eliminating the thousands of wasteful and unnecessary components.
Instead of realizing the problem, many continue to criticize and call others derogatory names such as bad people, idiots, anarchists and radicals for questioning government spending and regulations.
As the number of government workers increase and the more "free" money is given out, the harder it will be to address the problem since the beneficiaries will likely vote for more government and spending. Don't let it reach the point of no return.
Fortunately, there are N.H. State Representatives who understand the problem including Representatives Collette Worsman and Jane Cormier, who also oversee the Belknap County budget as delegates.
Moderate thinkers continue to "compromise" instead of solving the real problem. This is the reason government has grown so steadily for many years. Yes, a compromise that slightly moves to solve the overspending problem is good, but this will require numerous continual "compromises". Whether you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican or Independent, vote for and support those who are taking the time and are brave enough to address the problem by promoting significant spending reductions in wasteful and detrimental government spending.
Robert Daniels