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Is it also a 'scandal' when a government soldier is killed on the job?

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To The Daily Sun,

The letters to the editor lately from those who don't agree with the right-wing nuts have them all frothing at the bit.They all need to leave the horse pasture and get a breath of fresh air.

I would like to quote from Dave Schwotzer's letter. He writes that letters to editor continue to misstate facts to this newspaper. Mr.Schwotzer states that national debt rose $4.9 trillion over eight years under Bush administration. The truth is that on March 7, 2009 the national debt was $11.033 trillion. It is true that has risen $6 trillion during Pres. Obama's six years. It is also correct to say that two wars were going on and the country was going further in debt as there was no money to pay the country's debt.

I would like to remind the right-wing nuts again that the red states in this country receive more money back from federal government than they pay in. The last time I checked it was 31-cents more for every dollar sent in. The fact is that the red states are doing well, living off the money paid in by the blue states — or liberals as we are called.

I would like to ask Steve Earle and his friend one more time to explain what was the Bengazi scandal? I will ask one more time: why is it a scandal when a government employee killed in harms way is called murdered and a ambushed soldier is killed and no scandal occurred? If Special Forces had been sent in with no knowledge of the situation on the ground, got ambushed, would they have been murdered or killed? Why isn't the life of a military person just as important as that of a government employee? They both get paid by the federal government. I hope Steve and his friend Russ Wiles will explain the scandal. But if your answer is something you heard on the insanity show, forget it.

Henry Osmer