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CIty needs to throw the book at minors who defaced new field

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To The Daily Sun,

I believe the property taxpayers of Laconia deserve more than an apology from the three young people who purposely damaged our new Laconia High football "field". I hope others will come forward and join me in requesting that City Prosecutor Jim Sawyer will do the right thing and have these minors charged with committing a malicious offense against the people of Laconia. These three took the time to find their way to our taxpayer-funded football facility and perform disrespectful acts against the student body, the coaches and players. With this "it's all about me attitude of today", I am in no mood for anything but tough love; babying them will not bring results.

From the website for the John H. Sununu Youth Services Center: When the court deems necessary through the pre- and post-hearing process, a juvenile found to be delinquent may be court ordered to a secure institutional setting. Juvenile Justice Institutional Services is comprised of two major programs; the Youth Services Center and the Youth Detention Services Unit. Juveniles placed in the Sununu Youth Services Center range in age from 13 to 17 years old. When a youth is committed to SYSC, a systematic process is used to classify and assign youths to a secure residential unit where they participate in a prescribed behavioral program. The program encompasses academia, cottage life and group sessions. Progress in all three spheres is measured using a rating system with progress regularly communicated to the youth. The average length of stay prior to initial release from SYSC is 8-12 months.

Six decades ago this facility was known as the Manchester Industrial School, later, Youth Development Center. Most young men and women learn respect for others, and recidivism numbers are very low. Save them now, or possibly lose them forever.
Niel Young