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City has moved forward & we owe Mayor Seymour a big 'thanks!'

To The Daily Sun,

I think that it is time for those of us that live in our great city to reflect on what has happened in Laconia. The city has moved forward in many ways, thanks to the leadership of our city leaders. When one donates their personal time to help our city prosper, it is very necessary to take a simple moment to say "Thank You"! I want to thank all our city councilors, department mangers, and staff for their dedication and very valuable personal family time to lead our city. I also, like councilor Brenda Bear, want to especially "thank" our soon to be retired Mayor Mike Seymour for all you have given to Laconia. You, Mr. Seymour, have sent a very valuable level for the person elected to step into your shoes, not only this year, but for years to come! I personally cannot say thank you enough, not only to you, but your family as well, they also allowed you, to serve us!

In this same light, I hope that your successor will have the same courage to lead by example. I very strongly believe that there is one candidate who can fill this position. Please consider Ed Engler as our next mayor. I firmly believe that Ed has the leadership to keep Laconia's momentum and carry our city goals and desires to be a great city to live and work. He will work for all citizens, and he has the ability to rally our city government toward our future. I have to disagree with Mr. Luther though. Being mayor of Laconia is more than "ceremonial in nature"! Being mayor is leadership, and having positive goals of what Laconia needs are My personal feelings are that Ed Engler, is not running for mayor to be ceremonial.

Please vote on Tuesday, September 10. You have a right to vote, please go to the poll and vote. I will, and hope that you will as well!

Mayor Mike Seymour. . . "Thank you. . . Thank you. . . Thank you"!

Don R. Vachon

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