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Personally, on Syria, I think we should do absolutely nothing

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To The Daily Sun,

Well now that Secretary of State Kerry has confirmed for us that poison gas has been used in Syria, what next? I read meetings have been taking place in the White House and military resources are "in place" so it seems it's just a matter of time now. Heck, Obama can't back down now after drawing a "red line" in the sand, but what will he do we all want to know?
Personally I think we should do nothing. That's right, nothing. Tell the U.N. to deal with it; tell the Arab League it's there problem; too bad because we have no dog in this fight. Nether side is a friend to the U.S.; nether side would show any gratitude for our intervention; fact is, both sides would kill us if they could, so let them kill each other. But we can be pretty sure that's not going to happen because Obama shot off his big mouth and to back down now makes him look weak, dumb, (put the descriptive word of choice here).
If anything must be done then that one thing should be to destroy the Syrian Air Force. That is likely to cause us some casualties but Obama has spoken. Perhaps Congress will step up and override him for once but don't hold your breath. Democrats were very vocal in opposition to the war with Iraq after first authorizing Bush to use force there, so I wonder if they will stand by their ideals now? Really though will it matter? Obama has shown little regard for Congress or the court when they fail to side with his agenda in the past so what would be different now? As Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces he could give any orders he deems fit despite what Congress says, the nation thinks or anything else. Though I doubt it will come down to that because there would be a political price to pay. Yet still so far the main stream media has given the president cover over gun running, Benghazi, the IRS and eavesdropping on America so far, so why should he worry now? It's us who have to worry.
Steve Earle