Bottom line: you 'haves' just don't want to help the 'have nots'

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To The Daily Sun,

You right-wing nuts are giving me a pain. I suspect all of you have access to medical services, for which you are not paying the full bill. Try looking into the eyes of a mother of a sick child and tell her you don't want her to be able to take her child to the doctor before she gets pneumonia and must go the ER.

You may be the children of fathers who thought Social Security and Medicare were the start of socialism and had to be stopped. Now it is Medicaid and Obamacare that is socialism which we can't afford. Get real. Our taxes are going to give subsidies to big agribusinesses, oil companies, and wars, as well as tax breaks for billionaires who don't need them.

Your desire to impeach Obama is behind your efforts to kill Obamacare. You "haves" do not want to help the "have nots", who are growing in number. If you pay attention when you go to your mosque, synagogue, or church, pay attention to the message. In all religions it is " unto the least of me..."

Kent Warner
Center Harbor