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Let's start calling welfare in every form what it is — welfare

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To The Daily Sun,

There must be something in the drinking water in Sandwich that causes delusions and fantasy. Nick Vazzana is simply the latest Sun contributor from that north country hamlet providing proof of this phenomena. It is fine for others to hold opposing opinions. What isn't okay is for others to simply spout partisan drivel that is factually inaccurate and incomplete to the point of absurdity.
Apparently Nick and others way north, haven't gotten the news. Social Security, Medicare, and disability insurance are all insolvent. Nick seems to think because you paid into these programs you are entitled to access them in full whether there is money to pay your benefits not. It could be Nick simply does not understand the meaning of the word insolvent. Every Ponzi scheme, entitlement program WITHOUT EXCEPTION dreamt up by Nick Vazzana and Democrats over the the past 70 years — where you pay in 50 cents and get a dollar back in benefits — is headed for bankruptcy. Donkey math always ends the same place, BANKRUPT.
The Affordable Care Act is really the UNAFFORDABLE CARE ACT by another name. Tens of millions of Americans will in fact pay far MORE for health insurance after the program begins than they do now. Harmed most will be younger Americans, age 24 to 36. Their living standards, already low will be further crushed as they are forced by government to pay thousands for health insurance they do not want or need. Millions of them will not qualify for a single dollar of subsidy. When it becomes certain these programs require severe benefit cuts or tax increases to be maintained, Nick will have the hubris and the gall to suggest Republicans are the reason for it. Come on Nick, you are surely spiking the Sandwich water with Kool Aid. These social WELFARE programs, and that is exactly what they are, WELFARE in good measure, are all broke because they were designed to go BROKE, and spectacularly. The Congressional Budget Office suggests Medicare is so BROKE and under funded going forward the amount reaches 100 trillion dollars. or SIX TIMES the TOTAL economic out put of America for an entire year. THAT MY FRIENDS IS SPECTACULARLY BROKE. Nick suggests because you had a little money withheld form your check you are ENTITLED to this 100 trillion dollars of WELFARE and any Republican wanting to fix such an insolvency that could well bring this country to its economic death is somehow mean.
This is all just delusional, partisan donkey political drivel that comes from brains turned mushy after drinking Sandwich water. Lets call WELFARE in its every form what it is, WELFARE, while America goes broke trying to pay for it. When you pay a few cents and demand to collect twice that amount or more that is called ENTITLEMENT WELFARE. There has been no more spectacular failure from Democrats than their signature legislation all implemented with PROMISES to reduce poverty and increase equality. I know news travels to Sandwich slowly, but just so you know Nick we have record millions of people TOTALLY DEPENDENT on WELFARE today and we have less equality than we have had in a century since FDR babbled fables. IT is 100 percent clear, every FDR , JFK and LBJ inspired social program has failed to deliver anything except BANKRUPTCY and more BANKRUPTCY while at the same time widening the economic stratas of America.
Tony Boutin