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Jury validated that Sanford Police were correct in the first place

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To The Daily Sun,

I must have been in shock for the past 24 hours after reading the letter from Bernadette Loache, but apparently Bernie is in far worse condition for I fear she is comatose, walking, talking, writing letters but comatose none the less. It has to be all that Kool Aid the left lives on.
No Bernie, Obama has not achieved a reduction in the size of the federal government nor reduced government spending, lowered the national debt, maintained an honest transparent administration. faithfully enforced the laws or defended the Constitution of the United Stated of America. But well, other then that he's just a fine fellow.
Now that that is off my chest I have to say congratulations to Nancy Parsons for recognizing, in her most recent letter, that it was the media that turned the Zimmerman/Martin incident into a racial circus (my description). You are right on the mark there Nancy, though I do think you gave the Sanford police the smelly end of the stick. After all their investigation indicated that Zimmerman shot in self defense and the trial ended with that verdict. So unless some new evidence is suddenly found it seems they were right not to arrest Zimmerman.
Steve Earle