There are 2 ex-presidents who appreciate Obama: Nixon & Carter

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To The Daily Sun,

After reading Ms. Loesch's letter in today's Sun (Thursday), I asked myself if in this day and age that there is someone out there that is that out of touch with reality. Her letter was by far the most ridiculous misstatement of facts ever printed on these pages and that is saying something.

Ms. Loesch, the debt under Obama has increased by over 6 trillion dollars in his less than five years in office. In comparison, under Bush it increased by 4.9 trillion in his eight years, which in my opinion was 4.9 trillion too much.

Ms. Loesch which taxes did he lower? He has increased federal regulations to an astronomical number which infringes on the freedoms of everybody and increases the cost of living for everybody, including liberals. The Constitution he treats like a piece of used toilet tissue. His administration is one of the most corrupt in the history of this country. Waste is a by-product of this administration that they ignore completely and as far as an open and honest government is concerned there aren't enough pages in this newspaper to respond to that comment. There are two ex-presidents who really appreciate Obama, the first is Nixon because Obama makes him look like a choir boy; the second is Carter because Obama makes him look him like a genius.

I used to have the same feelings toward Ms. Loesch as I do other out of touch liberals who continue to misstate facts in their letters to this newspaper but after reading this last one from her I feel nothing but compassion for some one so blinded by Obama's rhetoric.

Dave Schwotzer