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You must be one heck of a world saver to judge so many others

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To The Daily Sun,

In response to Mr. Kent Warners letter in the August 28 Daily Sun:

Sir, your letter rambles and exudes the same negative attitudes that you profess to find stupid, boring,and tiresome. Believe it or not we are all entitled to an opinion on matters, the fact that it may differ from your own does not make me in need of "getting a life" as you suggest we all do.

I for one am not "ill-informed" on either our membership in the U.N.,on EPA mandates, or any other topic I choose to have an opinion on. Having served under U.N. commanders, sorry but I'm just not that enthralled with the organization. And I have worked with the bad and the good of stringent environmental regulations for many years... so sorry, not ignorant there either.

And sir, YES as a matter of fact, I have given thought to others in the community in need of help and actively support several agencies with whom I have the honor of working with.To suggest that those writing to the editor with their thoughts are somehow not a productive citizen of the community is not a fair assumption. You must be one heck of a "world saver" to deem yourself qualified to judge so many others. I can only speak for myself in assuring you that I do not need to get off my "pity potty". Perhaps just a little tolerance on your part might allow you to see that dissent does not mean "negative diatribe". This area has a remarkable spirit of giving. . . of time and not just money that your letter does a disservice to.

Andrew J. Engler