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Why are you trying to force all of us into playing a sport?

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To The Daily Sun,
There are two types of people: athletes and non-athletes. At least, that's what modern culture has led the world to believe.

Why is it that sports are so overwhelmingly important? And how many of these athletes, who focus on nothing but sports, will actually go pro? If not everybody will be a professional athlete, then why do sports overrule everything? What happens when the kids who live and breathe sports don't become superstar athletes?

A massive shadow has been cast upon the non-athletes of the world, and nobody bothers to shine the light on it. People who don't participate in sports aren't "fat" and "lazy" as stereotypes would like us to believe. Maybe they don't like competition. Maybe they're just not coordinated and would rather save themselves the embarrassment of flailing around a playing field like a beached whale. Maybe they're injured or physically challenged and are unable to participate in sports for reasons beyond their control. Or maybe they shine in another area, like academics or the arts.

There comes a time when you have to realize that not every kid is going to grow up to be president, and if you were to expand your horizon, then maybe you'd have more options when it's time to make a career choice. When the kid finally says no, I don't want to play anymore, they're forced to face the disappointment of their parents and coaches, because sometimes the kids aren't playing for themselves, they're playing merely because they were pushed to do so. Sometimes, the parents are living vicariously through their children because they can't play anymore and they miss it. The world is so focused on sports that people who aren't athletes are raised by a society that makes them feel terrible they aren't successful athletically.

Somehow society has found a way to make this generation feel forced into playing a sport when there's people like me who feel like an idiot on the field because it's just not our thing and that's not going to change no matter how many laps you make us run.

Becca Kelly