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When will GOP reveal bold economic plan to end economic stagnation

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To The Daily Sun,

Most everyone now understands that President Obama has presided over one of the worst two recoveries in American history. The man does not have an original thought in his head. He is completely out of ideas. He is surrounded by a tsunami of scandals, largely of his own making. Real unemployment is double digit. So, he runs around the country in perpetual campaign mode, railing against evil Republicans, spouting progressive bromides, while still trying to sell the cyclonic economic destroyer that is Obamacare. Republicans will never, ever get a better chance to make their economic case. So, just where is this inspirational GOP plan to invigorate our economy?

Now, I know that the Heritage Foundation, the CATO Institute and others have been offering their assistance. So when will the GOP reveal a bold, breath taking economic plan that will address government overreach, crony capitalism and our endlessly stagnant economy? When, for goodness sake, will they go on offense? Not to attack the European wanderlust from our founding fathers brilliant document, that is the economic plan of the Democrats. Not to compromise with liberals yet again which has meant: America becomes less conservative, government grows larger, schools become less accountable to parent's wishes and spending is never cut. Only the increase in spending is reduced ever so slightly while our debt grows unabated into financial Armageddon.

Let me repeat the exasperated plea of other writers, "move as fast as you can toward smaller government. Bring back parent-controlled education with God speed. Revive moral constitutional values and promote freer enterprise. Proudly and unabashedly march forward in robust defense of American values".

Don't you dare move toward a more "moderate approach" as some transparent liberal letter writers have suggested. Please, please, just do conservatism and do it far better than recent power hungry, big government Republicans have done it. To quote the 1936 movie, "Swing Time": "Nothing's impossible I have found, for when my chin is on the ground, I pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again". Yes we can.

Russ Wiles