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Vote is a vote, through & through, location within state doesn't matter

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To The Daily Sun,

This is a reply to Dale Channing Eddy's letter in the August 6 edition of The Daily Sun:

Mr. Eddy, your talk to Democrats allowing ineligible voters to vote, rigging ballot boxes, and allowing the deceased to cast a vote is quite ridiculous. Rather than berating Mr. Hoyt for not producing any proof, maybe you could provide the readers with something substantial to back up your claims.

I am also bemused that your are pinning voter suppression/unfairness on the Democrats only. You couldn't possibly believe that only the Democrats have dirty laundry. Both sides throughout the past, during the present, and indubitably in the future, have and will take part in underhand tactics.

In reality, you and I really have no idea of the specificity of each transgression, or rather alleged transgression. We may never know. The only people that do are the accuser and the accused.

Furthermore, I expect that Mr. Hoyt is talking abut the bill that Republican Bill Cook introduced that would raise taxes on families that have students, typically in college, register to vote in the town they are living in, for college, rather than their home town. These are the students that are more inclined to vote Democrat.

I also expect Mr. Hoyt is talking about the Republicans plan to eliminate half of the forms of an ID that the person can show to cast their vote. This means a student must register in the town they currently live in, raising a tax on their family. You should be ashamed to talk about unfairness when Republicans in North Carolina are effectively make it tougher for people to vote them out of office.

What difference does location make? A vote is a vote, through and through. The location, within the state, is irrelevant.

Lastly, I wonder how on earth you could blame the Obama Administration for failing to get the economy moving again. America was thrown into an economic hole. What some people fail to realize is that the economy is not a machine that can be fixed by replacing it with new parts or oiling old ones. It is a complete and alive system that reacts to everything we do. Thus, it cannot be simply fixed.

Kaelen Caggiula

New Hampton