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Forest Society is living in glass house & should be careful with rocks

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To The Daily Sun,

I had the pleasure recently to be present at the announcement by Northern Pass of the job creation fund for our region. This future benefit, in addition to the 1,200 construction jobs created, and the tax benefit to our local towns is reason enough for me to want to listen and work with Northern Pass on helping our region. As I have said in a prior letter to the editor, "we need business to invest in our region and replace some of the important tax revenue that was lost when the mills shut down."

This project is the first real potential boost to our region in the last decade. While at this event I had the opportunity to learn more about the Society for the Protection of N.H. Forests' (SPNHF) position on the Northern Pass and their teaming up with the small activist group called Bury Northern Pass. They cite the negative impact to the views and scenic scourge these towers would have on our region. This is pretty ironic, since SPNHF facilitated all of the wind towers on top of the mountains in Groton. Please recognize that these wind towers are 400 ft tall (24 of them). This is more than four times the height of the 95-ft. towers proposed by Northern Pass.

Where was SPNHF when Granite Reliable sited the 400-ft. towers in the Millsfield wind park? Perhaps they were silent because their friend, the Appalachian Mountain Club, cut the deal with Granite Reliable to get those 33 turbines sited?

Don't get me wrong, I think that groups such as SPNHF, AMC and Bury Northern Pass, have every right to express their opinions. However I hope that those reading this recognize the hypocrisy of SPNHF and AMC as it relates to high towers ruining the view shed. It seems to me that "it depends" upon what project you are talking about? For those of us that support economic development in OUR beautiful North Country I say ..."Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house!"

David Atkinson