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Real issue with Zimmerman case wasn't race, it was police inaction

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To The Daily Sun,

I read your letter Mr. Martel and I felt compelled to answer.

First of all you don't seem to understand why the issue of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman ever took place. It had nothing to do with "white on black", "black on black", or "white on white" crime. In fact it had nothing to do with race until some media people made it such.
The issue from the start was why the Sanford Police did not detain Mr. Zimmerman and just took his words to be the truth and that he had, in fact, shot Trayvon in self defense. This police department did a shabby job gathering evidence, notifying the parents, interviewing witnesses, etc. I watched the entire trial and was surprised to find out all the mistakes this police department made.

As to the people you mentioned who had shot people. They are all in custody awaiting trials. They were arrested and these incidents were thoroughly investigated. George Zimmerman was free to walk around and nothing was done.

And the president was not involved in this case. The one and only reason this particular case got so much publicity is because the parents pushed for justice and answers. They were getting no results so asked for help from civil right Leaders. Public outcry, by people of many different complexions, generated an arrest and trial. The president has nothing to do with state and local courts. All you can fault him for is telling the truth. When asked how he felt about this he did say "if I had a son he would look like Trayvon". This was a true and accurate statement. Or have you forgotten the president has dark skin and so would his kids. So because he said this he was labeled as a race baiter.

You, like so many others, all jump to tie the president in to every issue and make him responsible for everything that goes wrong or you and others don't like. A tree could fall in your front yard and all the other president haters and I'll bet you, and they, would find a way to tie that to the president and make it his fault.

Nancy Parsons