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Get off your pity potties & do something positive for a change

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To The Daily Sun,

Why don't you guys get a life? Your negative diatribes are boring, and do not add anything to anyone's well being. Can't you find anything to be positive about? Have you ever done anything to help people whom you don't know to have a better life? Have you ever served on a committee that works to make our county, state or nation a better place for those without much money to live on? Your ill-informed attacks on the United Nations and all regulatory authorities are stupid. Regulations to protect us from pollution and rapacious billionaire business owners such as the Koch brothers are badly needed to deal with their ability to control our government with their wealth.

Have you ever volunteered for, or supported: Habitat for Humanity, Scouts, Soup Kitchens, Got Lunch, Boys and Girls Club, Hospital, Caregivers, Meals on Wheels, Mentoring programs, Saint Vincent DePaul, Food Pantry, Belknap County Nursing Home, or any of many other local organizations devoted to helping make our communities better places to live.

Get off your pity potties and do something positive for a change, and give us all break from your tiresome letters.

Kent Warner
Center Harbor