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Is this the America that Mr. Siden envisions for our children?

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To The Daily Sun,

My, my! Here in Friday's paper I find L.J. Siden is again dropping road apples on us, or me in particular. Well L.J., I must say we agree on what we desire as the core principals of and from our country but it seem we strongly disagree on how to achieve it. You are looking for center-right conservatives to work with, well I am one of those. I'm a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. But still we two are very far apart on our views, why is that? Well for one thing you view Obama as good for America and I not good at all. You defend everything the man does and says and attack those of us who level questions or criticisms toward him. To you the progressives can do no wrong and conservatives no right. Today's letter of yours you once again referred to real or "imagined" scandals. Nothing imaginary about any of those I noted in my letter that so offends you.
It would be great if we could agree on a way to improve the economy and increase middle class wages but as long as Obama and progressives shove job killing socialists programs down our nations throat that won't happen. Small business, big business, all are holding back on hiring because they don't trust the future course Obama has laid out, simple as that. Socialism is a poor substitute for free enterprise. I'm not aware of any major socialist nation which was ever able to stand alone on it's economy.
The USSR staggered about for a three decades until in WW2 it conquered eastern Europe and scavenged and gutted those nations for the next five decades then still collapsed. China still struggles today and exists by exploiting the great masses of it's own poor and the stupid trade policies we in the U.S. provide them with. Western Europe was subsidized by U.S. from 1945 onward. Americans worked 50 weeks a year Europeans 46, while we defended them from envious eyes of the USSR. Now many of them are coming to grips with the reality that they are running out of other peoples money.
L.J. wants conservatives to move "outside our comfort zone", whatever that means? I suspect he wants us to concede to progressive socialist demands for ever more spending, more and more growth of the federal government along with the growing power therein. History has shown what happens when to much power is concentrated in big central governments. We are seeing what happens when big government under Obama get the bit between it's teeth. Government scandals (not imagined) violation of the civil rights of citizens by the IRS, BATF, OSHA, DOJ, then the cover-ups and stonewalling. Is this the America L.J. envisions for our children?
Compare that to what progressives call the radical right. The much maligned Tea Party wants our federal government to reduce the national debt, follow constitutional law, live within our means, lower taxes, reduce excessive federal regulations, stop waist and corruption and have an open, honest government. Now, how radical is that L.J.?
Steve Earle