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Are you going to vote your self interest or follow the Teapublicans?

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To The Daily Sun,

During times of economic hardship, the nation's corporations become "grassroots activists" claiming they are on your side and care only about your "freedoms." Historically in New Hampshire, the political right has been very successful at convincing many middle class and indeed, low income voters that their own interests are in line with the corporate "fat cats."

Let me share a few examples that might ring a bell with you. Everyday, we hear of the financial problems caused by Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, and unemployment insurance. If your life, or that of your family is made better by any of these government programs, you are simply the cause of the problem. Corporate pundits and lobbyists have even coined a word that summarizes your crime — you are getting "entitlements" which implies that these are benefits you did not earn, when in fact you did. We all paid our payroll or SSI tax with every paycheck. Even unemployment insurance is something that you paid into, even if you never collected.

To correct your irresponsible behavior, the "Teapublicans" are trying to persuade you into signing onto having your Social Security cut along with your health benefits and everything else. Many Republicans in Congress are pushing to reduce your benefits by weakening Social Security and Medicare, while curtailing food stamps, even for families of active armed forces personnel.

Perhaps, an even greater outrage is to hold the American people hostage by trying to force the president to defund Obamacare, the Affordable Care Law. This law, already passed by Congress and approved by the Supreme Court not only provides health care for 32 million uninsured Americans, but prevents insurance companies from refusing to cover all citizens no matter what their health history. One example, before the law, an innocent little baby born with a pre-natal condition could never get insurance coverage, during his lifetime. How can people who say they care about family values want to return to this injustice?

If President Obama does not agree to defund the law, the Teapublicans want to shut down the government and refuse to pass an increase in the national debt, preventing the U.S. from paying its obligations. This will make our money worthless and destroy our credit in the rest of the world. And the Republicans call everyone else "financially irresponsible?"

It is your choice, for we live in a democracy. Are you going to vote your self-interest and conscience or give the people who are philosophically against necessary programs the power to run your government? The choice is clear.

Nick Vazzana