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Gun control solves nothing; we need a cultural revolution in U.S.

To The Daily Sun,
Susan Estrich's August 23  column — "Evil Comes in all Colors" — reveals some blind spots the size of galaxies.
Can she really believe that gun control would have defeated the result of the evil residing in the "beasts" about whom she wrote? Estrich is an intelligent educated person but a blind spot that huge is dysfunctional. To think that gun control would have prevented the "beasts" from arming themselves is just plain unrealistic idealism. Stupid....or insane?
Estrich makes no distinction between "the right to possess a weapon" and the requirement that a weapon be used responsibly. Not only is that stupid but it borders on evil itself by advocating that real rights should be taken away by government force.
I don't like guns. But less I like people who have no regard for freedom. Gun control solves nothing. America needs a cultural revolution steering youth away from violence and sensationalism (turn off the TV), and that certainly cannot be led by law makers who too often are self-serving fortune seekers who sacrifice integrity for personal gain, or wrong-minded blathering columnists.

David M. Zebuhr

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