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Why do black on white killings not merit Pres. Obama's attention?

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To The Daily Sun,

In recent days we have all read or heard of stories about whites being killed by blacks. Three black teens shot and killed a 20 something white Australian jogger for the fun of it as they were bored! Two black teens beat up and killed an 88 year old WW II Veteran in Spokane, Wash. in his car while they robbed him. And a black 17-year-old is going on trial for shooting a 13-month-old baby in the face because his mother would not give him money when he demanded it. And these are just the FEW that have been in the national headlines in recent weeks.

So where is Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Jackson and Mr. Obama to highlight these atrocities? They all got very vocal over the Martin-Zimmerman case when it involved a black kid being killed by a white man! Do you think these men all condone the black juveniles killing white people as acceptable or nothing to be concerned about? Can you tell me how any one is more or less worthy of their attention than any other? None of these men have uttered a single word about any of these black on white killings and that worries me.

Why do you think these three influential black men pick and choose which racial killings they talk about and which ones they ignore?

Jim Martel