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Scott Brown declares war on conservatives; let him stay in Mass.

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To The Daily Sun,
Former Senator Scott Brown thinks that you're the problem if you are a conservative. Brown argued on Fox News (http://video.foxnews.com/v/2625540265001/the-state-of-the-republican-party/) that Republicans should cut more deals with Democrats in Washington and shouldn't fight so much for conservative policies.
Handed a rare opportunity to fill in for Bill O'Reilly on Fox News on August 23, Scott Brown chose to throw away that platform opportunity over fighting Obama and liberals. Instead, Brown criticized conservatives and the tea party. The same tea party who helped elect Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts in a special election in early 2010. The same tea party he abandoned while in office.
Brown camouflaged his attack as a call for GOP unity. Yet Brown identified only conservatives as the cause of all the problems. Brown can't see why moderate campaigns like Romney and McCain keep failing.
Brown repeated the myth that Ronald Reagan couldn't win the support of conservatives and the tea party today. What a joke! Reagan was a tea party leader before there was a tea party. Establishment moderates fought to block Reagan at every turn, now they want to claim Reagan as their own.
Brown assumed that voters want Republicans to pass more Democrat legislation and don't want policy contrasts or debates over policy. This assumes that more and more legislation is what America needs.
He endorsed New Jersey's Chris Christie as a "good conservative" and said Christie ought to be a "darling" to Republican conservatives. Brown called for a "Big Tent" (the insider's plan to make the party more liberal). Brown's monologue appears to have been written for him by Karl Rove. Brown sees his role as supporting Rove in the orderly elimination of conservative policies.
Brown, flirting a run for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire or for president, claims a home in Rye, but his chosen residence ("domicile") and voting location — Massachusetts. Brown might play games and pretend that he is a Granite Stater — just like numerous out-of-state Democrat campaign staffers and students did in 2012. This smells like Hillary's carpetbag move in New York for her Senate seat. Birds of a feather?
Karen Testerman