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Well done Lakes Region; I'll be back for Timberman next year

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To The Daily Sun,

I was a first time competitor in last week's Timberman triathlon. As a beginner in the sport, I figured Timberman was a good choice for my first race. I grew up in Laconia, my first job was at Fay's Boat Yard, home course advantage!

As I talked to other triathletes everyone told me what a great race it is. How the residents and volunteers are some of the best in the country. Now that I have competed I know first hand it is true!

From the volunteers there at 4:30 a.m. checking, us nervous, athletes into transition to the wetsuit strippers, the first leg of the race went well. Then you encounter the families on the bike course risking an arm to hand us water on the fly! Encouraging us all to keep pedaling. Then you pass the fire station. The firefighters are out there yelling "keep pedaling you are almost there"! You finally get off your bike and start the run. The families on Scenic Drive are unbelievable. Out there with Bacon, live music, a hose to cool you off! High fives, water, sponges, soda and that tasty gel. Then finally into the finish area. People yelling your name, handing you your hat and water. Making sure you are okay.

The thing that impressed me the most — how many young kids gave up a Sunday to help me reach my goal! I thank you all!

Well done Lakes Region. See you next year.

Kim Luther

Lake Placid, New York