Commissioners must provide public with 24 hours advance notice of meetings

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To The Daily Sun,
The Belknap County Commissioners would like the citizens of the county to know that we were disappointed to miss the opportunity to attend the last delegation meeting. The meeting was noticed as a Gunstock meeting only. The only item on the agenda was a revenue anticipation note for Gunstock. On the morning of the meeting the chairman of the delegation issued a revised agenda which included topics that were not related to Gunstock, but certainly of interest to the county commissioners. The commissioners, per RSA 91-a must provide 24 hour notice of any meeting they are to attend. They were not able to meet the posting requirement. Coincidentally, a handful of citizens were made aware of the revised agenda and came prepared to discuss the additional topics.

It is unfortunate that the general public had no notice of this change and no opportunity to consider attending the meeting.
The Belknap County Board of Commissioners

John H. Thomas

Edward D. Philpot, Jr.

Stephen H. Nedeau