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What might happen when children are exposed to classical music?

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To The Daily Sun,

Thursday evening we attended this season's final concert of the New Hampshire Music Festival. The music was glorious and the full house called the Festival's new conductor back for several curtain calls. On our drive back from Plymouth we commented on the vast number of "grey heads" (ours included) in the audience and wondered how long this 61 year old orchestra will be able to continue to attract an audience.

The picture on the front page of last Friday's Sun suggests a way to answer that worry. Why were youngsters from the Lakes Region Boys and Girls Club summer camp playing violins? Upon inquiring, I learned that Kay Wheeler, who recently moved to the Lakes Region, is an accomplished violinist and former faculty member of the Charleston, SC Academy of Music. She offered, with one of her students, to share their talent with the children of the club. She arrived at the club with extra violins and after playing a piece by Bach, gave the boys and girls a chance to actually try to play the instruments. They were enthralled!

One might assume that classical music is not "cool" with today's youngsters. But, what might happen when children get a chance to be exposed to other than current music? Cheryl Avery, the director of the Boys and Girls Club, seized and impromptu opportunity is what happens at the club. The Lakes Region is fortunate to have the Boys and Girls Club in our area.

Mary Flinn