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Sen. Forrester, we're really more interested in policies & issues

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To The Daily Sun,
Many of us in Senate District 2 have read with interest Jeanie Forrester's recent newsletters and applaud her interest in and concern for our men and woman in the military. Writing letters to them is a great service indeed.
But we would really like to hear more about Jeanie's work on behalf of the State of N.H., and particularly Senate District 2.
We know Jeanie has been meeting with groups and individuals throughout the district to discuss the subject of expanded Medicaid eligibility. What has she learned and how is what she has heard shaping her position on this issue?
Senate President Bragdon came under scrutiny recently when he took the position of executive director with the Local Government Center. He has recently expressed his intent to step down as Senate president, but we would like to hear Jeanie's views on this process, especially as she is Senator Bragdon's pick for a seat on the committee that is reviewing changes to the laws governing the LGC's procedures going forward.
And we are wondering about Jeanie's response to PSNH's recent announcement of a $7.5 million job creation fund in Coos County contingent on approval of the Northern Pass project. Her constituents along that route want to hear her response to PSNH's most recent proposition.
While ice cream socials are a delightful way to spend summer afternoons, we are actually more interested in learning what policies Jeanie is working on and what legislative issues are occupying her time. A perfect opportunity to hear from Jeanie on these subjects would be at her "thank you" picnic in Meredith on August 25. We will be listening!
Kate Miller, Chair

Belknap County Democrats