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Citizens must have confidence that our elections are fair

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To The Daily Sun,

Listening and reading the news the past couple of weeks it seems the Democrats are having quite a problem with North Carolina passing a voter ID law. Now if I believed their position that such a law is designed to prevent or reduce the minority vote, I too would be against; I just don't.

The left's mantra that every vote should be counted is a sound position but so is the position of the rights that every vote must be a legal vote. I can see nothing wrong with either position but when, in the last election, some districts reported 115% of the votes for one candidate, something is wrong. It has long been taken as a given that in some strongly Democratic areas, the voter lists are less then current and contain the names of dead or former residents who are no longer in the districts. Often research after an election will show that many of these folks voted. Citizens must have the confidence that our elections are fair and above board and given the strong indications that things are not as they should be I feel that voter ID laws are a good thing, just as I feel every legitimate vote should be counted. I have not heard one reasonable argument so far against these laws.
Steve Earle