Here’s some other things Shaheen & Shea-Porter have done for us

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To The Daily Sun,

Senator Shaheen and Rep. Shea-Porter love to tell us everything they are doing for us. Here is a list of tax hikes that they did not tell us about. Both of them voted for all of these taxes:

— Surtax (3.8 percent) on investment income
— Hike in Medicare Payroll Tax
— Individual Mandate Excise Tax
— Tax on health insurers
— Excise tax on comprehensive health insurance plans
— "Black liquor" tax hike (bio-fuel)
— Tax on drug companies
— Tax on medical device manufacturers
— High medical bills tax deduction
— Flexible spending account cap - aka "Special Needs Kids Tax"
— Medicine cabinet tax
— Elimination of tax deduction for employer-provided retirement Rx drug coverage (Medicare Part D)
— Change the 'economic substance doctrine' (allows IRS to disallow legal tax deductions)
— Tax on indoor tanning services
— Health Savings Account (HAS) withdrawal tax hike
— Blue Cross/Blue Shield tax hike
— Excise tax on charitable hospitals
— Employer reporting of insurance on W-2 – allows IRS to tax you if you do not have insurance

Call Rep.Shea-Porter or Senator Shaheen and ask them if I am wrong. Ask them to explain why they voted for all these taxes? Ask them if Obamacare applies to Congress or their congressional staff? The answer is no. Obamacare is the solution to the health care crisis but not for Congress. In 2014, we need to vote out Senator Shaheen, Reps Shea-Porter and Kuster.

Jim Mayotte